QIPC 2013 Industry Session

After the successful Industry Sessions hold at the previous QIPC meetings in Barcelona’07, Rome’09 and Zurich 2011, this year’s Industry Session will again offer a platform for exchanges between academic researchers and industry leaders. On the industry side, we’ll hear Dr. Don Hayford, Senior Research Leader in National Security Global Business at Batelle (USA), and Mr. Oleg Svintsiski, member of the Quantum Wave Fund Investment Team (USA). On new and promising potential applications of quantum technologies we have the young researcher Dr. Friedemann Reinhard from the University of Stuttgard (Germany).

Centro Didattico Viale Morgagni of the University of Florence, Viale Morgagni 40/44, Florence, Room 101.

July 4, 2013


14.30-15.00: D. Hayford (Battelle, USA),  A Trusted Node QKD Network
15.00-15.30: D. Kisliakov (Quantum Wave Fund, USA), A “Quantum” Investment Fund
15.30-16.00: F. Reinhard (Stuttgard University, Germany), Commercial Applications of Quantum Magnetic Field Sensors