Young Investigator Award

The QIPC Young Investigator Award will be presented to outstanding young researchers in the field of Quantum Information Processing and Communication during the QIPC international conference in Florence, on July 4, 2013, at 16.30-17.00 (Location Centro Didattico Viale Morgagni of the University of Florence, Viale Morgagni 40/44, Florence, Room 101).

The award consists of a diploma and a lump sum of 4000€.

2013 European Quantum Information Young Investigator Award has been awarded jointly to:

Dr. Fernando Brandao - For his highly appraised achievements in entanglement theory, quantum complexity theory, and quantum many-body physics, which combine dazzling mathematical ability and impressive physical insight;

and to

Dr. Patrick Joachim Windpassinger - For his broad experimental work in the field of quantum information processing, and especially for his recent achievements in the context of magnetism and synthetic gauge fields, which stand at the forefront of exciting developments in quantum simulation with cold atoms in optical lattices.


Award Committee Members

Daniele Binosi (Trento)
Rainer Blatt (Innsbruck)
Harry Buhrman (Amsterdam)
Vladimir Buzek (Bratislava)
Nicolas Cerf (Brussels)
Ignacio Cirac (München)
Elisabeth Giacobino (Paris)
Nicolas Gisin (Geneva)
Artur Ekert (Cambridge, Oxford)
Atac Imamoglu (Zurich)
Massimo Inguscio (Florence)
Sir Peter Knight (London)
Leo Kouwenhoven (Delft)
Maciej Lewenstein (Barcelona)
Martin Plenio (London)
Eugene Polzik (Copenhagen)
Gerhard Rempe (Munich)
Ian Walmsley (Oxford)
Reinhard Werner (Hannover)
Anton Zeilinger (Vienna)
Peter Zoller (Innsbruck)