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Atom Chip and Quantum Interfaces

Filippo Caruso, Augusto Smerzi, Francesco S. Cataliotti

Shahid Cherukattil (Lens), Murtaza Ali Khan (Lens), Cosimo Lovecchio (UniFi)

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One of the primary tools for handling ultra-cold atoms is the magnetic trap, which is needed both during cooling than during the experiment. In addition to macroscopic coils, it can be also possible to produce the necessary magnetic fields using the current circulating in a suitable gold and silicon chip a few inches from the side: an AtomChip. The benefits are higher frequencies of the trap at least an order of magnitude, lower evaporative time and a less stringent vacuum. Currently we study the behavior of the cloud of cold atoms, the goal is to make the best use of AtomChips in full quantum simulation experiments and in technological applications as quantum memorieries.