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About Us

QSTAR offers a highly interdisciplinary scientific environment focused on quantum science and technology and in particular on the research opportunities in low-energy quantum science that are being created by emerging new technologies in atomic, molecular and optical (AMO) physics, precision metrology, and nano-scale science.

QSTAR aims at contributing to the growing sinergy between AMO physics, condensed matter science, and nanoscale technologies. Goals and opportunities in this interdisciplinary field range from tests of fundamental physics laws and the better understanding of the counterintuitive behavior of quantum mechanical many-body sytems to the engineering of novel quantum devices from the atomic scale to the mesoscopic scale.

Scientific Committee

Theodor Wolfgang Hänsch (Coordinator)
Massimo Inguscio (Coordinator)
Immanuel Bloch
Francesco S. Cataliotti
Roberto Cingolani
Gerhard Rempe
Augusto Smerzi

Research Coordinators

Francesco S. Cataliotti (Experiments)
Augusto Smerzi (Theory)