Controlled Quantum Dynamics on an Atom Chip

Francesco S. Cataliotti
Filippo Caruso
Augusto Smerzi
Hoang-Van Do
Ivana Mastroserio

One of the primary tools for handling ultra-cold atoms is the magnetic trap, which is needed both during cooling than during the experiment. In addition to macroscopic coils, it can be also possible to produce the necessary magnetic fields using the current circulating in a suitable gold and silicon chip a few inches from the side: an Atom Chip. The benefits are higher frequencies of the trap at least an order of magnitude, lower evaporative time and a less stringent vacuum. We specialise in internal state dynamics of a Bose-Einstein Condensate of 87Rb atoms. We exploit the exquisite control coming from the AtomChip to perform optimal control of quantum dynamics creating arbitrary quantum states. Our system has full optical access allowing full tomography of the quantum states we create. Further by using Quantum Zeno dynamics we are able to create quantum logic gates and explore quantum thermodynamics.
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